Types of Hypnosis Shows

cowboy hypnotistAt one of Don’s comedy hypnosis shows we don’t know who has more fun – the people in the audience, or the lucky volunteers who get to be the stars of the show! Whether you’re looking for a show with a G-Rating for a fundraiser, a PG-13 for your corporate events, or a bachelorette party with something rated R for Risqué, Cowboy Hypnotist has a show for you. The possibilities are literally as endless as the human imagination.

G-Rated Family Friendly Shows:

g-rated-comedy-hypnosisDon’s G-Rated shows are fun for the whole family. See how your wife would act if she got pulled over for a speeding ticket and every time she tried to talk to the officer her tongue wouldn’t work. Listen to what your teenager would say if he got pulled over and had no choice but to invent the wildest story imaginable to try and get out of it. Watch your husband cover himself in Band-Aids every time he hears a keyword. And more. . .

PG-13 For a Slightly Older Crowd:

pg-13-rated-comedy-hypnosisEver wonder how your friend act if HE was suddenly 9 months pregnant? How loud would he yell when HE goes into labor? How would the woman sitting next to you react if everything smelled unbelievably bad? What if it all smelled incredibly good? Get the answers to these questions and many more at one of Don’s PG-13 shows. You may know it’s not real, but they don’t!

R Rated For Something More Risqué

r-rated-comedy-hypnosisWhen the kids have been handed off to the babysitter or put to bed, or when the bachelorettes want to cut loose; it’s time to come one of Don’s shows that geared for a more adult crowd. See what happens to people when body parts grow to outlandish proportions, they suddenly think they are exotic dancers, they audition for an adult film, or any other strange scenario Don can think to put them in. You’ll be rolling in the isles with laughter, unless you’re the one on the stage – then you’ll be having even more fun!


Corporate Events

Don’s shows for corporate events are tailored to fit the company. In addition to providing entertainment (rated appropriately for a corporate event), Don can include helpful suggestions to the staff in the form of stress management techniques, curbing unhealthy habits, enforcing healthy activities, and more.

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