Reviews for the Cowboy Hypnotist


“Really funny guy! We had a great time! He was the entertainment for the post prom party. The kids had a blast!”
J. Johnson of Sterling, OK

“Just thought I would let you guys know, we had our after Post Prom meeting and there was nothing but awesome words about you Don. They are ready for you to come back. Kids also enjoyed the show too. Thanks Don for coming”
Genene A. of Enderlin, ND

“I’m so glad you were able to come! You put on such a wonderful show. Thanks again for everything”
Niki P (Prom Party Coordinator Ellendale, ND)

“You completely made the banquet a success”
Cathryn W. in San Antonio, TX, Corn Growers Assn of America

“My sides hurt so bad I could barely breathe. I have never laughed so hard in my life”
Carla D. of Ft. Worth, TX

“Don’s slow Texas drawl and quick wit really draws you in. He is a very funny guy”
J. Johnston of Austin, TX

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