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Stop Smoking In Only Two Hours!

Don is now certified in hypnosis techniques that will turn you into a non-smoker in only 2 hours. NO WITHDRAWLS, NO CRAVINGS. FREE yourself today. PASS this on to any smokers that you CARE about. WALK AWAY FREE OF TOBACCO….Lifetime Guaranteed. Click here to learn more.

About The Cowboy Hypnotist

Hi Y’all. I’m Don Warren, “The Cowboy Hypnotist”. Have you ever seen a live comedy hypnosis show before? If you answered “No,” then you aren’t alone. The first comedy hypnosis show I saw was the night that changed my life forever. Read More. . .

Types of Hypnosis Shows

Whether you’re looking for a show with a G-Rating for a fundraiser, a PG-13 for your Corporate events, or a bachelorette party with something rated R for Risqué, Cowboy Hypnotist has a show for you.  Each show is tailored to suit your audience.  Read more. . .

Book the Cowboy Hypnotist

Whether it’s for a private party, entertainment for a fundraiser, or a corporate event; the Cowboy Hypnotist hogtie you with laughter. You’ll have the time of your life during one of Don’s comedy hypnosis shows. Contact Don today to book him for an event you’ll never forget.  Read more. . .